Mar 12, 2023·edited Mar 12, 2023

Thank you for writing this, Jason. In my mind, those early months reminded us of our humanity— our vulnerability and capacity to support one another. I remember the quiet. It was scary, yes. So much unknown. And then calming somehow when there was so little we could do.I remember reaching out to old friends to see how they were coping. I remember artists I love singing from their kitchens over Zoom to remind us of the power of music. I remember conversations with students about isolation, but also about beauty. Such a shame and deeply depressing that all this — our decisions about how to react when tested so thoroughly— was turned into a political circus.

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Yes, I felt a real sense of mission. Completely altering my teaching practice while trying to prepare meals for my kids and keep them on track in their own education all at once was hard and daunting but I felt like my daily life had purpose in ways I had rarely felt before and really haven't since. It reminded me of what Brits who lived through World War II called "the Blitz spirit." It's sad that spirit barely lasted.

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